Aviation Design

With roots in Graphic Design and Cinematography, at Sky Magic we love to design our CI, our own Aircraft, Equipment, Photography, Events, Publications and Merchandise. With a minimalistic design approach we seek to highlight the magic of aviation, but we're not opposed to the occasional colorful outburst of joy. And just sometimes, we find that sprinkle of joyful fantasy.


We spend quite a bit of our time making people happy with our helicopter tours operations, and also frequently visit friendly folks at unusual landing spots. This quickly raised a demand for some things to remember these very special moments by - and we wouldn't miss a chance to design some uniquely magical little artifacts.

We offer a small but growing selection of aviation goodies, designed and made with love by people who share your joyful enthusiasm for the magic of flight. Part of that is our series of original aircraft pieces: www.skytags.com.

Equipment & Know-How

As enthusiastic designers, we not only design everything around Sky Magic, but also operate our own little machinery outfit that allows us to make our and our customer's next ideas happen any time. We CAD-Design and manufacture specific camera mounts for aerial filming and other useful parts with additive manufacturing and CNC Milling. We design our helicopters' artwork and plot customers aircraft decals on the fly, heat press and embroider our crew apparel and merchandise shirts, our mascot Larry's scarf and even custom headrest-covers. We create special card tickets, customer cards and Crew-IDs, and cut, CNC Mill and manufacture and laser our SKYTAGS® - all in-house. So when you hold one of those items in your hand, you know they have all been designed and handmade with love in Munich, Germany.