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We are all about Magic


We are a company offering exclusive aviation and motion picture production services.


Sky Magic is all about Magic - the invisible power that makes your heart race, gives you goosebumps and takes you on unforgettable journeys. In the air, on the screen, or both.


As a regular air tour operator for all major german event agencies and also in direct B2C service, our job is to generate adventures, long-lasting smiles and unforgettable experiences for our guests every day. Nothing makes us happier than magically making your day!


Specializing in aerial cinematography, our unique expertise in flying and motion pictures is an invaluable asset to any production. Producing amazing stories and beautiful pictures for our partner production companies and in direct B2B service, we take you along on emotional journeys and let you escape reality with the magic of cinematic motion pictures.


In flight training, we focus on individual training to the highest standards,  with experienced flight instructors on aicraft with a high safety margin.


Flying Aerial Work Missions from external cargo to disaster prevention missions and completely individual special operations,  our crew and machines deliver 100% skill and power for your success.


Offering personal service for business- and private HNW-Customers, we focus on successful longterm cooperations, from individual transport solutions to aircraft management.


Sky Magic is 100% family owned and operated, and is run by a small team of pilots, engineers and creative professionals.


For international missions we use our know how and our fleet together with our network of friendly professionals, - allowing us to always employ the most skilled people for any job.

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Our Story


Sky Magic was founded 7/7/2011 by Frederic Sturm, Grandson of successful motion picture producer and entrepreneur Volkmar R. Kahlert.


As a 3 year old child, after his first ride in a helicopter, Frederic is quoted yelling at his Grandpa "I will become a pilot!".


This desire for the freedom of aviation prevailed, and forms the unique connection of our fantastic crew to this day.


Starting out offering flying services after graduating as Germany's youngest ever helicopter flight instructor, the path led Sky Magic to today's small team of enthusiastic professionals, offering bespoke aviation services, owning and operating excellent aircraft and enjoying every second of it.

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The Story of our Logo


What could be more iconic for the values we work for every day?

An excellent performer soaring through the skies, our Dragonfly lives in the world of fantasy and beautiful stories, any aviator's best company as a muse and guardian.


A Dragonfly's 80% of its brain power is dedicated to sight and it can see in all 360 degrees around. It's an international symbol for luck and positive change, exploration and depth of character. She's an expert for good stories and amazing visuals. 


Our Dragon and Dragonfly characters actually were first designed for custom jewellery, when to the date one year after the founding of Sky Magic, our founder met his personal "Dragonfly". However it didn't take too long to discover the meaningful connection to the values we work for with all our energy.

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