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Aerial Imaging

Artistic and Technical Aerial Photography

Aerial Imaging in the 21st Century

Aerial Images - once rare and stunning in every form, are more and more easy to attain in an age of drones and cheap as chips stabilized cameras.


So where do helicopters come in?

Technical Ability
Probably the number one reason our imaging customers ask for a helicopter is the simple ability to operate

  • Efficiently
    covering large areas or multiple targets

  • In adverse conditions
    the risk of some wind may be enough

  • in restricted airspace

  • carrying heavy or special equipment

  • with reliable consistency
    when shots need to match over a wide area or long period

Artistic & Technical Skill & Teamwork
The work an experienced aerial photographer and skilled photography pilot can achieve as a team is remarkable. Sometimes the beauty of an image created through the imagination of this team creating a vision and precisely capturing it cannot be matched by any other means. It's like a symphony, and it's extremely efficient.

Experienced provider of Aerial Imaging Solutions for

  • Real Estate

  • Events

  • Artistic Photography

  • Aerial Survey

  • 3D Scanning

  • Inspections (Local and Networks)

  • Thermal & Special Technology Imaging

  • Special Requirements

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