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Sky High Events

Highlights in the Sky

Helicopter Flights - The perfect attraction for your event!


At your Event, our Helicopter can be an unusual, very special highlight for your guests. Your visitors can experience the unique fascination of flying , and see your event live from up above. The chance to experience such a unique adventure at a very competitive price is not going to be a secret anywhere near the location for long - a visitor magnet with added value. Leveraging individual cooperation opportunities with media, for example by giving away VIP Packages including a helicopter tour or the like,  our customers are reaching their target group more effective and a lot less costly than with traditional advertisements.


Your Advantages:


  • A special attraction for your visitors

  • Proven Visitor Magnet

  • Effective use of media for more effective advertisement

  • Sky Magic is your experienced full-service provider including all logistics and equipment for event-flights



We take on the complete organisation, approval and safe operation of the flights and closely work  with you as the host to achieve a perfectly smooth event. Please get in touch anytime, we look forward to creating a magical addition to your event!


Numerous satisfied partners offer their visitors our "highlight in the sky" every year - you are always welcome to join us at one of the next events in our schedule and get convinced by service, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Events


2024 schedule following soon

Custom Events


Are you looking for a special highlight for your next corporate event, or would you like to surprise your customers or employees with an unusual, exclusive event?


With our individually tailored events your are in for a breath of jet-fuelled air, a one-day escape into the world of aviation.  First you will be introduced to the priciples of flight in an entertaining ground school session, before it's finally about to get serious and you start the engine of a legendary Bell aircraft - now it's your turn to steer the Bell helicopter through a series of maneuvers, and your flight instructor will show you, what the most universal means of transportation is capable of.


Those who don't fancy taking control themselves, are about to relax and enjoy a whole new perspective of our world from their VIP leather seat while they will be stunned by the unique feeling of being airborne in a helicopter.


For small and large groups, with one or more aircraft, at your location or a close-by airport - individually and just for you. Get in touch anytime, we are happy to assist in planning a uniquely memorable day.

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