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Type-Rating Bell 206 / 206L

Reliable. Power.

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The Bell206 - Probably the most proven civilian helicopter. Anywhere.


With us, you can acquire the Typerating for B206 / B206L, and thus the rating for one of the most widely used and favored single-engine turbine helicopter.


Space for 5 people plus baggage and reliable technology that has been proven for decades. A huge worldwide fleet in service and thus excellent maintenance and spare parts availability around the globe, as well as a huge selection of certified accessories for just about any thinkable mission - this and more is what the Bell HUEY's little sister has to offer for you - in a package, that gives todays designers a hard time to meet in beauty.


Whether for advancing your professional skills and career, or for private journeys, with your Bell 206 / 206L Type-Rating you gain access to one of the worlds most widely flown and available turbine helicopters (which you will soon understand it is for a good reason).




Special Value: Type-Rating in Combination with our Time-Building-Program


  • Building hours between your PPL(H) and CPL(H)

  • Get your first turbine rating and turbine hours

  • Remain current on the B206 / single engine turbines

EASA Type Rating


For any helicopter type that you wish to fly in Europe, (with the exception of a few single engine piston helicopters) you need a dedicated type rating.


The Type Rating allows you to fly a type or model of helicopter within the bounds of your license.

Flight Training Info-Booklet (DE)

Flight Training Information & Prices (German)

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