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Type-Rating Hélicoptères Guimbal Cabri G2

Safe. Reliable. Extraordinary.

The Cabri G2 - the safest, most versatile and fun to fly light helicopter.


With us, you can acquire the Typerating for Cabri G2 with factory trained instructors.


An incredibly simple, robust and reliable construction, the Cabri pairs simplicity with excellence in safety design. She is a joy to fly and even more so in flight training. The remarkable flight envelope allows safe demonstration of unusual maneuvers and emergency procedures like no second aircraft.


Whether for advancing your professional skills and career, or for private journeys, with your Cabri G2 Type-Rating you gain access to the worlds safest and most modern light helicopter with a rapidly growing fleet around the globe.




Special Value: Type-Rating in Combination with our Time-Building-Program


  • Building hours between your PPL(H) and CPL(H)

  • Acquire your first clockwise rotating Spheriflex & Fenestron® rating

  • Remain current on the Cabri G2 / Single Engine Piston

Flight Training Info-Booklet (DE)

Flight Training Information & Prices (German)

EASA Type Rating


For any helicopter type that you wish to fly in Europe, (with the exception of a few single engine piston helicopters) you need a dedicated type rating.


The Type Rating allows you to fly a type or model of helicopter within the bounds of your license.

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