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Flight Training

Excellence in individual Service

Exclusively tailored to your needs


Your Flight Training with Sky Magic is more than just studying for a license. You will enjoy many flight and training hours of fun and high level adventure, gain skills and knowledge, reach high levels of safety and proficiency and probably make some new friends - for sure you will gain a whole new perspective. You will enjoy the feeling of unlimited freedom in al 3 dimensions - and learn to control it. When the day of your checkride comes, that you will master safely and without issues, you will not look back on a hard time of training, but rather a wonderful time of broadening your skills and you are on the direct way of becoming an outstanding pilot. Since you are now, without the hint of a doubt, addicted to flying, many private or business trips ahead of you will now be enjoyable flying experiences, your car will spend more time in the garage than stuck in traffic, and the next challenges, like a night rating or new aircraft types, are ready for you to take on. At ay time we will be right by your side to guide you through your journey in aviation.

Your flight training with Sky Magic is mainly just one thing: Yours.

This means:

  • Spontaneous and individual appointments

  • Individual One-on-one lessons

  • Experienced Instructors

  • Flight Training to higher standards, incl. expanded training in all weather and emergency situations

  • Safe, modern, well equipped and meticulously maintained Helicopters

Flight Training Info-Booklet (DE)

Flight Training Information & Prices (German)


Type Ratings


The Private Pilot License

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Type Ratings

For any helicopter type you would like to fly in Europe, you need a Type Rating.


The Commercial Pilot License

With us, you can train for:



  • Night VFR

  • Typeratings for Bell 206 and Guimbal Cabri G2

  • Time building for the modular CPL(H)

  • Unique concept for EASA and FAA CPL(H) & ATPL (H)
    with our partners - some of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the world.


  • Refresher training for the renewal of licenses

  • Intro Flights

  • Pinch Hitter / Emergency Pilot (Learn to fly without seeking a license, credited towards a PPL(H) )


  • Examiner: Checkrides for EASA PPL(H) and type ratings

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