Aerial Cinematography

Moving Your Vision

Telling Stories through beautiful Cinematography is our DNA. Innovative Ideas are our passion.


Frederic Sturm:

"My Grandfather, Volkmar R. Kahlert, raised me into the world of Cinematography since I was a small child. After he supervised all production areas including commercials and tv at Bavaria Filmkunst in Munich, he proceeded to found his own production company in 1962. Producing high class image films, industrials and commercials ever since, we are trusted by customers around the world to communicate their vision. I am proud to have grown up on his filmsets and to bring my Grandfathers dedication to quality and obsessive attention to detail to the modern world of cinemtography "


Combining these skills with our helicopter flying expertise, leads to a unique skillset in aerial filming. We create stunning pictures and develop innovative ideas to bring true aerial filming to variable budgets.


Aerial Film Pilot


As an Aerial Film Pilot, Frederic Sturm has gained experience in many productions around the world. Credits include TV and online commercials for the automobile and other industries, big screen cinema productions, and countless corporate productions.


Employing powerful turbine helicopters and the most advanced camera systems, our experienced crew gets the tools to deliver your perfect shot.

Light Weight - State of the Art Technology


Next to flying big rigs on our Bell 206 and other turbine helicopters on location, our Cabri G2 provides a stable Platform for smaller budgets.

We are currently flying several stabilized side-mount options, and are actively testing and developing fixed-mount options that will soon turn the Cabri into an Aerial Filming Platform with capabilities closer to the most expensive options that ever possible before.


Get in touch today. Together we will turn your vision into a powerful story.