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Aviation Services - Tailored to your needs.

Our Services


Special needs call for individual solutions.


Our offerings of flight services include aerial cinematography, aerial work and flight training, as well as exclusive helicopter-events and tours at many locations in Germany and Europe.


We offer integrated service for our corporate and aviation customers - from consulting in purchasing, sales and operation of aircraft to operating customers aircraft, to bespoke solutions for your corporate transport of passengers and freight.


As an EASA-certified air carrier, we operate a fleet of meticulously maintained aircraft with our crew of experienced pilots, flight instructors and specialists.


Please get in touch any time for personal consulting about your needs in flight services or individual  support in aviation questions - our team is looking forward to mastering your challenges together!

Are you looking for aviation services or flight training?


Whatever your need, we tailor your perfect solution from our own resources, and those of our partners around the globe.


Call us now and get the answer to your aerial needs within minutes.

The most Economical Solution


If our own aircraft's current positioning is not economically viable for your flight,  our aircraft are not perfectly suited or available in time, or a mission is not included in the scope of our operator approvals, we use our global network of partners to directly offer you the best possible solution.


When determining how to operate a mission, fulfilling your demands and wishes always comes first.

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